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Whispers & Illusions

I was bored during Biology class today and this is what I did instead of listening ...

Title: Whispers & Illusions
Author: Freya
Disclaimer: Don't own, never did, never will ...
Rating: G
Spoiler: mid-season one
Words: 100 words

Late at night, when she’s alone at the lab, brooding over some ballistic book, she hears ghostly whispers and laughter in the hallways.

Shadows come alive, moving around her, lingering at a corner to lightly brush past her when she walks by.

They follow her wherever she turns, bringing with them the whispers and laughter she remembers so well and it’s an odd comfort to be alone and yet not.

Because sometimes when she looks up, the shadows seem so real that she’s sure to see Megan Donner right in front of her, making her forget everything about whispered illusions.

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