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Drabble: Broken Rules

Actually I was writing on another story, but then I was re-reading TWP entries of the first season and i couldn't help but write this ... how could I ever forget Megan was the boss of the gang once??? *grin*

Title: Broken Rules
Author: Freya
Disclaimer: Don't own, never did, never will ...
Rating: PG-13
Spoiler: none
Words: 130 words

It was a rule that every woman had memorized in the back of her mind.

Never sleep with your boss.

Breaking that rule would only end in trouble, whether with your boss, with your colleagues or with your boss’ spouse.

But no matter how hard they had tried to keep to never breaking that one golden rule, countless had not been able to and so Calleigh found she was only one of many.

Even if she sometimes doubted her actions, felt guilt creeping through her veins and the desperate need to turn back time – when she was pressed against the office walls, Megan’s mouth on hers, soft hands on her body and her name a sigh on Calleigh’s lips, it felt too close to heaven to be an unbroken rule.

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