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Title: A Void In Her Mug.
Author: C. J. Anderson.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: PG.
Challenge: Coffee.
Word Count: 122.
Author’s Notes: An empty mug, like an empty life. Tiny bit of angst. :)

She traces her index finger around the brim of her coffee mug. It’s empty like her life. All that remains in the bottom of the mug is a millimetre of coffee.

Calleigh never drinks the last bit. She thinks it tastes bitter and ruins the coffee experience. It’s one of her more annoying quirks.

Megan places her hand on Calleigh shoulder and smiles. A moment later she pours coffee into Calleigh’s empty mug.

‘Thanks,’ she says, as she watches the dark liquid rise.

‘You have to wake up,’ Megan replies, suddenly.

The words cut Calleigh like a knife. She doesn’t want to, because when she does there’s no one to fill the void in her life or the void in her mug.
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