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Drabble: On The Edge

Title: On The Edge
Author: Calleigh Anderson
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: PG-13.
Word Count: 150
Spoilers: Mid season one, i guess.
Author's Notes: None, just a short drabble.

She's on the edge and you left her there. She thinks you never even cared about her. This isn't true but you never told her that and you should have.

When she told you she loved you, you smiled and told her she was sweet. The words drilled into her for weeks afterwards.

'I'm sweet, i'm sweet,' she'd chant over and over in her head, trying to make sense of you, trying to understand.

You caused her pain and made her feel like she meant nothing to you, yet she kept going back to you.

She'd knock on the door, you'd open it and allow her in. That was as far as she got because you never opened your heart to her, just your door and then your legs.

Now she's at the edge, she doesn't know of where, she just knows that you don't care.

You left.
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