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Drabble: Burning

I was so frustrated that my muse didn't let me finish my actual contribution to the challenge, so i just sat down and wrote this in about 15 minutes.

Title: Burning
Author: Freya
Disclaimer: Don't own, never did, never will ...
Rating: PG-13 to R
Spoiler: mid season one
Challenge: coffee
Words: 180 words

WARNING: contains the slight mentioning of self-injury, so it could be triggering to some people

The coffee is hot, too hot to drink it yet but still it has just the right temperature to burn.

Touching it to your fingertips burns like a thousand needles and you can feel
the nerve endings revolting at the hazardous treatment they are not meant to experience.

Still they do and the burning is so good that you close your eyes
and a single tears slides over your cheek.

You could go on and on, just like that, moving the coffee cup over your arms,
your legs, over your whole body, but the time is not right – someone could walk
in on you and discover the burns you keep hidden under layers of clothes.

No one’s questioned why suddenly you started wearing only long sleeves in Miami,
but no one ever really notices you the way Megan did.

She would have known that something is terribly wrong.

But now she is gone and it is only you and the burning of your coffee
that makes you forget, for some time, that nothing will ever be as it was before.

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