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Drabble: Memories

So, I was the first to join!!!! Yay!!! And here is my first drabble. You all probably read it elsewhere since I cross-post most of my fics, but still ... Thought one more place wouldn't hurt ;)

Title: Memories
Author: Freya
Disclaimer: Don't own, never did, never will ...
Rating: PG
Spoiler: mid-season one
Words: 130 words

She was looking, always looking.

At fingers, so efficient in their every task and yet so very elegant and soothing it was sometimes hard to believe they were the same.

At dark locks that framed unbelievably brown eyes
and at a mouth she knew would taste warm and sweet beneath hers.

She was looking so hard that she thought she could never possibly forget anything about her.

Yet as time went by she felt the memories slipping away, little by little, until Megan Donner was nothing more than a lingering presence in the back of her busy mind.

An ever-present lingering, true, but still she had vanished from her high pedestal, had become a memory that only occasionally brushed Calleigh’s mind now and reminded her of what she was missing.

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I love it! It's really good. I'm addicted to megan/calleigh now. Hee!

Have i read this before? ...I'm clueless.